Quick Tips from The Professionals

I admit that I’m impatient. In fact, I think that it’s our upbringing as American’s to crave quick and easy fixes to problems that can take years to develop . Whether it’s resorting to quick-fix dieting, popping weight loss pills or endlessly searching the internet for quick and easy exercises, people take many various measures to obtain the ‘ideal’ body. Not many want to actually take the time to implant permanent changes to their lives and some simply just don’t know  where to begin.

The American Dietetic Association strives to help people reach an overall healthy state of being. Their website  www.eatright.org offers advice in various topics ranging from proper nutrition, exercise specific to a person’s lifestyle, prevention of health-related illness and healthy weight management tips.

I’ve found that this website is specifically useful for people who are like me- impatient. It is organized into several easy-to-navigate tabs specific to the broad range of health needs people seek help for. For example, I was in a hurry today to get to class, but wanted a quick energy-boosting snack to help get rid of my mid-day slump. I simply went to the site and navigated to the Food and Nutrition Topics tab. Wah-lah! There were several sub-categories at my fingertips that I was able to quickly scan through to get an answer. Twenty minutes later I purchased a small pack of almonds and a banana in the local store without having to think twice about my decision.

I advise you to take the few minutes out of your day to poke around the website. They provide great tips to achieve overall health and wellness in a widespread of areas. After all, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


March 11, 2010. Uncategorized.

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