Prevention is Crucial for the Young

It’s time that we become models. Not that we see on magazine covers or strutting down the runways.  I mean models for children who look up to us and observe and then mirror how we act. What we hear and see through the media about body image is often flawed. Most of what we hear is solely opinion based and can often be the start of a person developing problems with self-acceptance.

The website is an educational site revolving around the often sensitive subjects of obesity, eating disorders and our overall health. It is directed towards professionals, teachers and parents in an effort to prevent children and adolescents from developing body image related problems. They stress the point that “a culture is formed by the stories that it’s children are told. ”  This meaning that children are greatly affected by what they observe from their role models and that even the smallest observations can effect a child’s future immensely.

We all need to be more conscious of our word choice and how other people could interpret what we say. Let’s try to help each other love ourselves just as we are and hope to teach our children that nobody is perfect.


March 30, 2010. Uncategorized.

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