Negative and Positive Body Perceptions

The first step to loving yourself is to recognize how you look at your own body. People can either have a negative or positive body image perception, both of which are defined clearly below.

Negative Body Image-A person with this outlook often has a distorted perception of their shape where they perceive parts of your body unlike they truly are. They believe that other people are attracted to them solely for their looks, shape and size and that other factors such as personality are foreseen. They feel ashamed, uncomfortable and self-conscious about the way that they look and are unable to accept their bodies for how they are.

Positive Body Image- A person who has a positive outlook on their body is able to see their body for how it truly looks and does not imagine it being smaller or larger than reality.  These people are able to appreciate their body shape, size and form and are aware that a person’s body size does not determine their personality or how they are as a person.  They embrace their form and are proud of their genes and show this through confidence and self-acceptance.

It is important to recognize the way that a person looks at themselves and recommend that they seek help if you suspect that they have a negative perception towards their body. Prevention is crucial with eating disorders, and the earlier that you detect a growing problem, the better off the person’s future will be.


April 14, 2010. Uncategorized.

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