Diet Pills-Are They Worth It?

What extent would you personally go to in order to obtain the “ideal” body? Some stop at diets, while others continue on to more drastic measures such as eating disorders and the usage of diet pills. But, at what point does ones obsession with being thin become harmful to their health?

Infomercials and advertisements are all over the media about the so-called ‘guaranteed results’ from diet pills. Many times, it is not worth it to begin using diet pills simply for some of the side effects that can coincide with taking them. Such effects range in severity, but are those such as increased heart rate, constipation, sweating, excessive thirst, anxiety, dry mouth and many more that to me, just don’t seem worth it.

I strongly believe that altering ones diet and exercise habits can have the same, if not a greater impact on achieving optimal health for an individual.  I also know that in reality people do experiment and no one wants to wait to see results.  With that said, it is important for the consumer to research products prior to using them. Whether you’re interested in trying a diet pill yourself, or just simply want to see reviews about a pill that you’ve heard about, please take a look at

It’s worth it to know the background to all of this hoopla spread throughout the media because we’re only given one body and it’s our job to take care of it!


April 26, 2010. Uncategorized.

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