America the Beautiful

A while back, I went to the documentary and discussion on the film America the Beautiful. I took the following weeks observing and reflecting on what was said, and was more aware of the judgments people pass on each other. Truthfully, I was disturbed by the film which gave a greater insight into our country’s unattainable obsession with perfection.  It’s discouraging that society expects us to look one way, when most of the time what we wish to become is either computer generated and or otherwise impossible achieve.

This documentary covers many important topics that are put aside and not discussed frequently. I would recommend this film to anyone who is having a hard time with their body image because it states that most of what we see is not reality, which is an important concept for people to know.


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How Do You Feel About Your Own Body?

Please take a quick 10 question survey regarding the topic of body image. Some of the questions may be personal, however the entire survey is confidential so please answer honestly. It will only take a few minutes, and it provides a general sense as to where average people fall into the struggle with body image.

Love yourselves, we are all beautiful in our own way!

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What Makes Us Sexy?

I found this video that explains what makes two people attracted to one another.  Lisa Debrine, a psychologist that studies peoples faces and investigates what makes a woman appealing to a man and vice versa. She conducted a study where she took apart and combined three average people’s faces to construct the ‘ideal’ person.  She then asked several random people what they believed was most attractive about the person and found that the men found the woman with the more feminine faces more attractive, and the women found the more masculine features the most attractive.

Sex appeal varies individually and that’s the beauty of self-acceptance. If we are able to find ourselves attractive simply as we are, maybe the idea of perfection won’t be something that people go to great lengths to achieve.

What do you think? Is wanting sex appeal a main contributor for why people have issues with their body image?

Watch the video of her experiment here-

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